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ControlMax will evaluate, lay out, and prototype a harness assembly for your requirements and to your specifications. We can also review your current harness program and make suggestions on possibly improving the integrity of the system or increasing the productivity of your end product.

Our assembly technicians utilize fully automated digital terminal crimping machines, wire strippers, wire cutting, and cable handling equipment to comply with your specifications every time, on-time, and without error. All wires are pull tested, strain relief tightened, labeled, and continuity tested.

Our expert staff work with your engineering team to ensure all client's needs are met on a timely bases. We provide top of the line sales, service, and quality control in all aspect of wire harness manufacturing.

We handle a wide range of connectors, terminals, and pins, as well as electrical & electronic components using only the finest materials from the leaders in the industry, such as Tyco-Amp, Belden, Olflex and Weidmuller, to name just a few.

Experience, dedication to excellence, and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of wire harness production, makes ControlMax the right choice for the simplest to the most complex wire harnesses.

Custom Wiring Harnesses by ControlMax
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